Painting with Picosita and Company...

This week at school has been busy. We're in the last week of the first six weeks so that means a ton of grading, and planning for the next six weeks. On top of that, I've been getting some of my kids ready for a few competitions and trying to help with the Multicultural group. It also seems like my kids are getting in trouble right and left. By the way Fresh, your kid got in a fight. I digress. One of my projects is to make a banner for Hispanic Heritage Month and a mural. Blah. A lot to do, but it was fun to get some paint on my hands, even it was for a cheesy poster. I have a lot more to do...a few kids came in after school to paint the banner, but didn't get too far. It's been nice though. Everyday after school I've been having kids come in just to hang out. They'll come in, talk about their day, and ask to draw to help me straighten out the room. I love my kids and they keep me laughing. I'm going to start writing down the phrases that come out of their mouths and blog that one day. Dang, I wish I could include a video. Okay, that's enough chatter, it's time for Grey's.

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