In the Car

I meant to blog more while back home. I meant to take more pictures too. I decided since half of my pictures are taken while in the car, then this would be my "In the Car" series. The photos aren't meant to be interesting, or even good, rather it gives a small glimpse of my 5 days back home from my point of view, literally.

In the car I encountered snow. Snow is pretty uncommon in Abilene, so it was a nice surprise.

In the car the snow became a problem when I could barely scrape it off my windshield.

In the car I was amazed I was up so early for Black Friday. Black Friday was the shiz this year, even if I celebrated in West Texas.

In the car I bought donuts during my 7 a.m. Black Friday half-time.

In the car I visited family.

In the car I arrived at the best burrito spot ever. Viva La Popular - you are desired always.


Jeff said...

You are one brave soul. I cannot even fathom the idea of waking up earlier than I have to on a day off from work. :)

Looking at your pics, it looks like a typical winter day in New York.


yessi said...

I miss La Popular!!!

And I agree with Jeff... waking up on a non-work day was beyond me.

Caroline Kaufman said...

You suck !!!!! it is not fair to post pictures of la popular if you do not bring some to your friends.... plus you are not allowed to go there without me anyways remember! bitch! lol

Anonymous said...

Yummy Burrrrriiiiitoooooo!