Cowboys vs Redksins

While the games at Texas Stadium are always fun - tailgaiting and people watching before kick off tops my enjoyment list. The grill did it's job, and our first attempt at a real tailgate was a success. The fans were ridiculous, on both ends of the fan spectrum. Heaven forbid you be a Redskin fan! While the guy in the video got some crap, it's nothing compared to the other things we heard on the walk to Texas Stadium.
Once there, the game was one that made me more nervous then expected. T.O. was the star with FOUR, count 'em FOUR touchdowns and 170+ yards. Needless to say when I asked these "not-so-avid-anymore" foreskin, er, REDskin fans to take a picture for me, they were less then enthusiastic. The girl in the aisle seat REALLY didn't appreciate it! That's okay sister, you can use that finger to tell everyone back home that's how many games we've lost this year! That's right baby, 9 and 1!


Christina said...

Man - that would've been a great game to be at :)! Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...