In The Car II

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I was able to make a weekend trip back to Abilene. The ride there was beautiful. There's something about driving back to West Texas that I love. While I was there I stopped at the second best place to get some good food, Larry's Better Burger on Pine. It's probably one of the oldest eateries in Abilene. It's not in the best neighborhood and nowadays it's best to only go during the day. Many years back it was frequented by those that spent the whole day posted outside of the "Juicy Pig." This area was known to be the place of much drug usage and sells. Now you never really see people outside in that area..maybe just walking. I don't care..you could have me march through an alley of Abilene wannabe gang bangers - but I'm getting me so greasy Larry's when I visit. If you go, get the Cowboy Basket, or the Wildcat Special. Four of us ate on $15 so it's super easy on the wallet.
Oh, and I took the pic from the car because it's only a park, and walk to order place, no seating, unless you count the space in your vehicle.


yessi said...

hmm I never went to that place... ohhh but how I miss La Popular!

And yeah chica I was by myself when I took the lake pic, haha, I didn't think about how dangerous it was until people started leaving those comments and my mom called to yell at me!

Jeff said...

I LOVE those kind of places. What's even more shocking is 15 bucks for four people?????