Birthday weekend!

Not mine, it's the man's. And because we are in Christmas break financial recovery we've been keeping things modest, unless you count his birthday present (80G PS3, Call of Duty 4, AND Guitar Hero...I'm addicted to that one right now). So I've made this his birthday weekend since his actual birthday is on Monday and that's no fun. It started last night when I cooked up a pretty decent dinner, and for brunch today when he was given some homemade pancakes and all the other breakfast stuff. Well, so tonight I decided it was time to pull out the big guns. I love to cook, but I cook simple. With our schedules it's not feasible to do the big meals I was use to growing up. I have no idea how my mom did it. Actually, I can't fathom how my grandmother did it. You see, I made beef tacos, rice, beans, and homemade tortillas...for two. My grandmother would do the same, for twelve! I remember as child watching her cook. She's stand in front of the counter, rolling her rolling pin back and forth making tortillas. I would stand on her foot (ouch, huh?) and wrap my arms around her leg. I would hear "click, clack, click, clack" as her rings would roll on the pin. Her tortillas were flawless. I love homemade tortillas, but mine still usually come out looking like Italy. Ah! Oh well, they still taste good and I still enjoy finding the time to make them. Today they turned out pretty round, so I had to take pics!
I'm not sure what's on the menu tomorrow, but I have a lot of extra beans and rice, so it's leaning towards more Mexican.


yessi said...

ooh look at you getting all Doña on me! =P I've never made real tortillas, haha, how sad is that?! You're so right about the moms and grandmas, how in the world did they do it?! I HAVE made plenty of empanadas, though, so I know how to work the rolling pin ;)

brandon phillips said...

calm down lady, its going in my next firing.

you know, i really miss being around other like minded people and being able to feed off what they are doing. when i am stuck in an artistic rut, i'm just kinda stuck. i can't see what other people are doing or go down the hall to talk to someone. they never teach you in school to cope with being alone all the time when you are a lone artist! sometimes one has to talk to themselves to keep themselves entertained. not that i would ever do something like that....