Soccer season, it begins.

It seems like last year's soccer season was a different lifetime ago. I guess that means it was a long year. I rushed after school let out yesterday to make it to my husband's first game this year. "It's JUST a scrimmage!" he says, "Okay, okay, I know but I still want to go." says I, every time this time of year. I go to every single one of his games, since he became a coach some 6 years ago. This is school number four, which seems like a lot, but when they're all promotions, and the season's are great, the change is great. Because this is school number four, I've gone through my share of soccer t-shirts and collections of sweatshirts and turtlenecks in each school color. Do you know how frustrating it can be to collect a ton of bright orange one year to all red the next?!? Keep in mind high school soccer season starts in January which makes for very cold games. Last night was no exception, which made me glad that I had a new blanket to help keep me warm. Recently my mom crocheted us a blanket which kind of turned into a queen sized comforter because of it's size. Lugging it up the stands felt awkward, but once I wrapped myself in it, I was so glad she made it. It's pretty special to me. So it's bright, but that's good, makes it easier for him to find me in the stands now ;) Actually, the colors are the colors of the schools he's coached at. Black and gold, purple and gold, orange and blue, and these past two years it's red and white, with blue accents. I thought it'd be weird posting pics of these kids playing which turned out okay because I couldn't get my eyes off the vibrancy of the blanket. I began to study every stitch, and began to think of how long this blanket will be a part of our lives. I love sentimental things, and this is the first thing that I've gotten since we wed that really symbolizes my husband and I This blanket with always remind me of his career, my support in the stands, and my mom's support of our marriage.

By the way, we won. It was "just a scrimmage," but he sure was happy to have won it.

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