What's in a teacher's desk?

Thought you might ask. Here's a quick glimpse into mine. It changes daily. What's in your desk?

1. Colored grading pens. I've gots to have color mayne! Red, purple. orange and green! I prefer the cheap Bic pens.

2. A silver spoon for my soups and such.

3. Yes, thats a 6-way nail buffer. I tend to get my nails professionally done, but haven't had the time...but I have to stay on point with them ya know.

4. I need candy..a lot sometimes. It's a great way to tick the kids off. Haha, I can eat candy in class, you can't!

5. A piece of paper a kid slipped me...it's the name of some uber great soccer boot that I "HAVE TO LOOK UP!" I guess my husband being a soccer coach means I'm a soccer-freak as well.

6. Extra batteries for my digital camera since I obviously use it religiously in the classroom.

7. Small pieces of Artgum eraser. My favorite, even though it crumbles.

8. This is a new one. Tech Deck finger skateboards are the hot item in middle schools this year. It seems finger skateboarding is a trend I didn't expect. I only pick them up when they're a distraction, otherwise, I give them time to try out some tricks.

9. Extra thank you notes. Because teachers in nature are professional PTA presidents and soccer moms, no good deed is left unnoticed, so when I get a treat in my box from a fellow faculty member or parent, I fill one of these bad boys out.

10. Dental wax was a necessity when I had braces, as if I wasn't awkward enough in middle school. I've noticed a lot of my kids complaining about brackets cutting the inside of thier mouths but no one knew about dental wax. I stocked up at $1.50 each and distribute as needed.


yessi said...

cool idea!
I looked in my desk and found nothing worth mentioning... I guess the most interesting thing is a retro "FYI" rubber stamp that's been in there forever.

Caroline Kaufman said...

no desk to speak of being a house wife ...so the next best thing... the diaper bag... here goes: color: the bag- green of course my fav, with my name mongramed on the outside ( it was a bridesmaids gift from merediths wedding thanks mere),two pictures naomi has colored from sunshine school,one diaper,two hairbows, one box wylers light singles lemonade(for use in the girls sippee cups), pens, a reciept from McDonalds for $9.39, one packet hot chocolate, one thank you note (written, sealed, not addressed)one bottle cotton blossom hand sanitizer, one bottle cotton blossom body splash, desitin diaper rash cream, pink dora sunglasses,one package un- opened thank you notes, one small green hair tie, one black kate spade "mini purse thingy" containing: a pencil, calender/organizer, imodium, 4 tampons (i am a girl afterall), a pen and various hair ties (for my ponytails and the girls) So there you have it a mom's life in a bag!

Anonymous said...

I wish I came up with the Tech Deck finger skateboards, I would be rich!