Beckham or not, Dallas and L.A. deliver!

Now I know I there was no way I wouldn't blog about last nights game today after yesterday's frustrated and annoyed blog over Beckhams inability to fulfill the end of his contract by not attending yet another game. It started in a panic. I didn't get off of work as early as I thought I would, so alas, I was running late. While stuck on I-35 I noticed many other stressed out fans awaiting a let up in traffic so they could also make it time, but I also saw a horrible, horrible billboard. There, in all it's false glory stood a "Come See Beckham" type billboard promoting our FC Dallas team? No. Promoting him. Perfect. This situation stressed me out even more. Now I HAD to be there, not to lament over his absence, but to rally for Dallas and show everyone how fun attending a professional soccer game can be, without the over paid, underworking, superstar. We eventually made it there, but oh so very late. We made it to our seats just in time to make the second half. I immediately looked towards the field, forget the score (which happend to be 4-1 in L.A.'s favor, yikes), I looked for that receding hairline I could recognize anywhere. Aah. I see number 10, Landon Donovan, the man I'm naming my first born son after. It's going to be a good game. And if fact it was. We saw 6, count them, 6 goals in the second half! I was able to catch one of the goals, below, but I was so busy jumping up and down and screaming that the image is quite blurry.

The goals, and seeing Landon were great, but a rather humorous situation stole the scene. In the middle of the second half, a ball made it's way to the stands, about 4 rows below us. A young women caught the ball, and quickly nestled it under her seat, behind her purse. No big deal right? Then I noticed people yelling "Run! Run! They're gonna get you!" and there I see the Event Staff wannabe security guys looking for the ball. So what do a bunch a rowdy fans do? They support their fellow seat dweller by booing, and telling the Event Staff "The ball is in that section!" "No, over there!" "Behind you!" "No, two rows up!" Of course these guys are at a loss, at first, but eventually find the ball, and the lady harboring it. They escort her out of the game while fans boo, throw trash and half-eaten brats at the mean ol' Event Staff guy. Then, in unison, the fans cheer for the brave young woman who almost got away with it.

What irritates me about the whole situation is: don't they budget for lost balls? I realize these balls average about $120 per ball, they are similar if not identical to the balls my husband's team uses. I understand they are not cheap. But they are balls! Isn't that one if the little incentives for attending a game? Catching a home run ball? A possible pass from an excited football player who just scored to his adoring fans? What's the difference. They're top of the line balls, they cost a lot of money, we're all impressed, but please. My tickets cost $120 alone..I think they can afford it. Maybe they should fine the player who kicked it out, no?

Overall, the fans were spectacular. The stands were packed and it didn't seem that anyone was less than excited to be there, which made me proud of to be a Dallas fan.

Of course there was also Galaxy fans, there always will be considering it is probably the most recognized professional soccer team in the U.S. and I would be lying if I said I didn't ask if I could wear my Landon Donovan shirt that fits like a rather long night gown myself. (The answer was no, in case you were wondering!)

There was this one fan who opted to not wear a funny shirt with a message, but with a rather interesting sign.

On the other side it said: "David, welcome to America, where people like you get paid to do nothing!" Funny guy.

Back to the game, it was a fast action, super exciting game that ended 5 - 6 in Galaxy's favor.

But that's okay, it was the most exciting game I've ever seen. It's a rare instance to witness so many goals, and so many fans at a U.S, soccer game outside of the World Cup. It blew any national game or MLS Cup game I have ever seen and I can't wait to see more of FC Dallas. They gave their fans a great showing last night, if anyone was disappointed they should be banned from Pizza Hut Park forever. At the end of the game they offered to take down your name and give a a discount on the next game against Galaxy. I opted to not make that request. It would have been great to see such a recognized player as D.B., but my money was well spent with out him there. Many compliments to the FC Dallas and L.A. Galaxy players for a wonderful experience.


Kiddrae254 said...

You didn't take that opp. for a discount to your first Beckham sighting???

DC said...

love it! Looks like it was a great game! I'll find that Becks out here in LA for us...that dreamboat...