Ode to HP

So after a request by a new blogger, this is a summary of what I will and won't miss about my adventures in high society. In Dallas, this area is called Highland Park. This is where some of them spend too much for Thai food, or a buzzcut.

I won't miss anything less than a Jag, Beamer or Escalade being considered a hooptie.

I won't miss the fact there is only one black homeowner in Highland Park.

I won't miss being the only minority in my office, or even at Walgreens on Oaklawn and Cedar Springs.

I will miss seeing the very pretty drag queens at that Walgreens, but won't miss the ugly ones with a bulge in their skirt.

I will miss Whole Foods.

I will not miss $5 cups of soup or $3 waters.

I will not miss the girl in the Benz that cuts me off, or how she refuses to look at me or respond to my honking horn because out of the corner of her eye she saw that I'm Mexican (GASP!)

I won't miss the ILLEGAL Mexicans that are running around taking care of lawns that act like they haven't seen a woman before! Or how they hit my car and take off because, well, they're illegal.

I won't miss the spoiled kids at Gore Park.

I will miss the drunk moms at Gore Park.

I will not miss seeing those annoying yellow HP stickers.

I will miss some of the parties and afterhours.

I will not miss not being able to afford to go to these places otherwise.

I will not miss people acting like you don't measure up.

I will not miss the awkward elevator moments.

I will not miss seeing children and pets being raised by a nanny and maid, instead of their own parents.

I will miss hearing of the few moms that do take care of business at work and home, with maybe a strong martini here or there to balance it out.

I will not miss seeing all the fake breasts, cheek bones, and flat tummies.

I will miss making fun of these desperate housewives and cougars when they've had a ridiculous amount of work done.

I will miss feeling safe in this area.

And lastly, I will not miss not fitting in.

Here's to title one schools and neighoborhoods, kids that need and appreciate an opportunity to learn, and the parents and communites that work so hard to make ends meet.

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elise said...

Oh lordy, what a great post.

And how about the ever-present traffic jam on Mockingbird, right through HP? It's like a convey of construction trucks on the side of the road from where all the Richies demoed some old pretty mansion and are building a gigantic McMansion there instead.