Uno momento

Okay, so I know I'm hispanic, Duh, And I know there's a good percentage of Hispanics in the DFW area that only speak Spanish. But the guy who took my money in the drive thru said "uno momento." Really? Really?!? After I ordered in clear English? Uno momento?

I guess I'm just tired. I typically have a hard time getting to sleep on Sunday nights, and I have a big day tomorrow so I took a Tylenol PM about an hour ago and starting to feel the effects. So, yeah, goodnight.

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yessi said...

HA! All you can do is laugh about stupid people like that.

At this conference I went to, I was translating for some Spanish speakers but this woman in the back thought I was just being disruptive, talking during the conference, so she signals for me to follow her and I thought there was some kind of emergency (since I CLEARLY had a big "STAFF" nametag on) but nooo... she starts waving her hands in the air like a monkey and she says, "NO TALKING! ES MUY GRANDE IMPORTANTE, NO TALKING!" And she's pointing at her mouth and mime-shutting it, what a weirdo!