My 1st Classroom

So, I still have some things I need to get, but overall I'm happy with what I have so far. I don't want to be that teacher with tons of cheesy posters with motivational mutterings. You will never see a poster with Garfield on it in my classroom, no sir. So if you want to donate some art posters, a cool chair or some student-friendly art books let me know. I want to get a special corner in my room with a cool rug and chair and a book shelf full of art books and resources. Unfortunately my art books all tend to have R-rated images so I can't have them out. Thank God Van Gogh wasn't a perv.

I'm also including a few pics of some pieces from my school last year. These kids are really talented and I can't wait to work with them!

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DC said...

So exciting Mrs. R :)

Please ask your kids to make me a nice pot when school gets rolling.