Last Day

My last day of work at the paper was hard. I love the people, the products, and the potential for future growth, but alas, it came to an end. Of course when something like this occurs at the office, we, uh, eat. Out of sadness or celebration who knows, but we started early and had Mia's on Thursday. If you're ever in Dallas, hit this hole in the wall up. It's on Lemmon right off of Oaklawn and it's as authentic Tex-Mex you can find outside of my family's cocina. I plan on heading back soon to take pictures of all there is to look at. It's very bright, and festive, as most Mexican restaurants are, as well as super ecclectic — there's so many details to pay attention to.

On Friday Miss Lousianna herself, Adriane, made me a German chocolate cake only a mother could love. In other words, presentation wasn't her forte, but who cares? It was the best German choclate cake I'd ever eaten! It was a hit in the office, but unfortunately it kind of ruined lunch. We ventured out to Lucky's cafe, on Oaklawn, of course.

It was your typical cafe you'd see on televison. It reminded me of Monk's on Seinfeld. But instead of busty waitresses in tight yellow dresses (Seinfeld fans follow me), the staff seemed to all be middle-aged gay men. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The food was delicious, reasonable and the portions were huge! I had the special and proud of the greasy goodness. Can you say chicken fried chicken, with get this, onion rings and fries as my side, and a jumbo Dr. Pepper. I'm not ashamed. It didn't help that we devoured the biscuits they brought out first, all we had leftover was some honey and cornbread.


yessi said...

It's always hard to leave one job for another...

good luck, though!

I love how you see Seinfeld in every life event! haha

Kiddrae254 said...

I can't beleive you didn't order the "Big Salad!" You know, it's a salad with looks of stuff in it!!! Thanks for the disc, you saved my life babe!