In love with a man named Ari

So there's this guy, my husband has no idea. I had an encounter with him about two months ago. We were in the alley behind the Granada when he walked by. I was too busy taking a picture with some friends to notice him behind me...but there he was. My friend Amy saw him walking by and said, "Isn't that him?" I quickly turned around, and saw him dissappear into the dark. I yelled "You were great tonight!" He turned around, smiled, waved, and said thanks. Who would've thought Jewish men were so dreamy? But what drew me to him was not his ruggish good looks or his captivating stage presence, it was his music, his lyrics, his voice. I'm kind of a music Nazi, and I'm not easily pleased. We didn't go with the intention to see him actually, he was one of the two great opening acts, but after his set, we left. My friend Amy wanted to walk down a few blocks to get a piercing, and I didn't want to ruin my evening of music by listening to a group that may or may not measure up to Ari Hest or Mozella (who was also exceptional)! He's not very well known in the states right now, but I hope to see his success grow. His style is similar to John Mayer but with his wide and rich vocals he has a sound uncomparable than anything out in mainstream radio. He also has a rugged resemblance to another fave of mine, Micah P. Hinson . His lyrics are meaningful, with out the fluffy, filler words; he keeps it simple. He has two tracks he has produced soley with Apple's GarageBand. I love a Mac man. What can else can I say about him? Oh, and he's easy on the eyes. I've had the chance to listen to his most recent songs, and his earlier workings and he has become a regular on my playlist since. He will be touring oversees for the remainder of the Summer but will make his way back into the states soon. Check him out here and/or sample his music at his Myspace.

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