No conversation is safe with me

I had to post this earlier ichat conversation. I love to hear stories about people completely humiliating themselves. Nice gal I am huh?

L: hello!

D: hi there!

L: busy?

D: naw, was just telling my friend a story here at work, I just ate it SO BAD walking up the stairs with 500 pieces of paper in my hand, it was a hurricane of white papers


D: hahah no joke, i completely fell, i can't even exaggerate on how bad it was

L: did you hurt youself?

D: hahaha naw im fine, but i swore really loudly, and people were laughing, it was really bad

L: you swore???

D: haha i went "aaah shietttt" like a cartoon because i knew it was going to be bad, it was an explosion of papers

L: that is sooo funny, I'm really laughing out load at my desk, I would pay good money to have seen that!

D: hahahaah, people said "you ok dude??!!" and I mustered up the lowest voice i could and said "yea I'm fine," inside...i was crying

L: So there was an audience?

D: oh yes, about 4 people

L: did you know them?

D: no...they were trying not to laugh at me

L: haha, you know that made their day right? And now their whole office knows? I bet some even re-enacted it!

D: with sound effects, it was pretty bad leeny

L: I might have to blog this conversation. Like, copy and paste, it speaks for itself.

D: hahaha that's fine w/me, im usually pretty graceful, pretty athletic guy, with my former gymnastics self but i legitimately had all four of my extremities on the stairs and papers airborne

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Kiddrae254 said...

It's funny, but it lacks that visual UMPH that I was waiting for... Can I buy this story from you and re-tell it?