I've got an addiction sir


I finally got dsl on our PC. To make things even more exciting, the hubby brought home a wireless router for my MacBook, um, score. I'm so excited. You have no idea. Do you know that feeling you got after you don't see someone you like in a really long time? Like, maybe you broke up for a while, or were just apart for a long time? When you see them you get excited and you get all gushy inside? That's how I feel right now, blogging on my MacMomma. We're about to watch a movie now, so I can't get into many details, but I will be uploading pics tomorrow, I have a lot to make up for! Kisses!

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DC said...

happy you're back ;) The internet missed you while you were a prehistoric dial up dinosaur for a bit.

Well, you have Internet, you just need to get caught up on The Hills