Bed, at a decent hour

It was so hard to wake up this morning. My body was sore, my eyes were heavy, and my spirits, well, my spirits were just there. I think all of the classroom prep, the reality of my new career, and meeting these kids finally caught up with me on Monday, and my body and mind was bruised from the encounter. I felt like the bulls were released, and I was covered in red. Not to say I got my butt kicked, because then it seems all negative, But picture me bouncing off bull after bull after bull. After each bump and bounce, I was pushed forward, sore, but making progress. Today, it feels like I'm running with the bulls, but still trying to figure out when we're all going to be in the same direction, in unison. My sixth graders will have a big year adjusting to secondary education. They're expecting their hands to be held, and me to do everything for them, and I can't. I won't. I have my own race to run, a race to get further prepared, experienced, and to get my life back in the midst of it. Despite this, I have never been happier. I have kids greeting me in the halls, even the kids other teachers have problems with. I have students already telling me art is their favorite class..well, I guess I had an advantage, I'm not math! But I'm still waiting on the relationships and the hugs, I saw a fellow teacher bombarded by a group of students as she walked to her car. I want to be bombarded one day. After due time. I want the bulls to trample me, I want them to trample me with their hearts.

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