Officially on vacation.

I don't want to hear your problems. I have enough of mine right now. I've spent the past month listening to endless amounts of worries, frustrations and denials and for two days I will be at St. Tropez mentally. I will continue to finish out my three days at work, I will continue to read the Harry Wong book, I will even work on my modules for my certification and help my boss find my replacement, but I won't listen to your lamentations. No one here really vents to me, I'm just saying this in order to convince myself I can do this. I can say "not now, this is my day to rest," or I can refuse to answer the phone. About 6 months ago we had this unusual (crazy) girl work with us. She hated me. She thought I was out to get her and confronted me twice about it. I wasn't out to get her. She posed no threat to me personally or career wise. She was a walking time bomb. We all knew it. But one day she called in a "mental health" day. She didn't call in ill, or busy, she called in crazy. I found it weird until recently. I'm calling in crazy for three days. This doens't effect you as the reader or friend, but just thought you should know.


DC said...

do you get a tan when you're in st. tropez mentally?

elise said...

I just found you through Wide Lawns...and saw that you said you are working in Nuevo Riche Dallas. I immediately had to jump over to read, because I spent the better part of my early 20's working smack in the middle of University Park.

Whee! The newest Lexux SUV, driven by the fake-boobed women, with a breathalizer attached to the ignition panel! That's rich Dallas at it's best...er...worst. Write more!