I miss the internet!

During this move somehow we went from have super fast dsl to dial-up. And I'm not picking up any free wi-fi either! Yuck. It wasn't too much of a problem because I'm at the office everyday where I can check my email, Blogger, Myspace etc. Well, today the office is closed, and the week is closing in and the weekend will be long with out the internet. Of course I can use the dial-up, but it's so slow that is not even worth the time. So I'm in the clubhouse of our new property where theyhave wi-fi for their residents. This is what I have to look at while I'm here.

Not too bad, but it's not home (home is more comfortable, and doesn't close in 30 minutes!)

On the bright side, I have a new adventure to look forward to this year as I was just informed I was hired to be an art teacher at a great middle school in Grand Prairie! I'm so excited, but upset at the same time as my co-workers and boss are absolutely wonderful, but it will be a great change and I look forward to it!


Caroline Kaufman said...

nice club house picts but what about YOUR new house pict?

DC said...

Can you also include smells with your photos? Congrats on the new job!!