Moving Woes

I've been in this new townhouse for a little over two weeks and here are the issues we've had to deal with:

1. An oven that wouldn't turn on.

2. An oven that would turn on, but then it beeped every three minutes and wouldn't stop.

3. An oven that would not stop beeping (after you punched every number about 20 times each it would shut up) but then the door locks.

4. Dirty filters that wouldn't cool the place down.

5. A kitchen faucet that only runs hot water.

Those are the things we've called the property owners about. Everything is now resolved, minus the oven door not opening. (I had to heat garlic bread in the microwave tonight, yuck!)

In addition to these problems, we still have another week until the dsl connections are made so we're running on dial up. We have a ton more we need to buy to fill up some of the new space we have but are on a tight budget until my teaching salary comes in. We have some really nice, friendly quiet neighbors that we never hear a peep out of, but when they cook, our whole apartment smells like curry. That would be great if we liked Indian food, but it's not so pleasant in a hot apartment. (AAH! Seinfeld moment, "Is this wrong, should we be talking about this?") Anyway, the only remedy is lighting about 6 candles which makes the apartment even hotter. Amazingly this is not the worst of it as we still do not have cable. The Dish people came out only to inform us since our patio faces the wrong direction, we're unable to get any signal. Our next options lie with Time Warner Cable, and Verizon. We've heard bad things about TWC, and had no problems with Verizon while in San Angelo so we decided to give it a try. It has been 2 weeks that we've been working with Verizon and NOTHING has developed. Our apartment has a FIOS box, they know it, we know it. They cannot place a work order unless the computer says we have the box. Let me explain again, they know we have it, we know we have it, yet, we can't get service until they get it situated in their system. I call BS. Is this the first time ever in history that there is NOT a work around? C'mon. There's ALWAYS a work around. I decided to be tougher with this lady. She's not calling when she says she will, she's not getting results, the ball isn't even rolling. Once they get me in the system it will take at least another week for a guy to come out and connect! She knows she has until tomorrow to contact me with good news. I've decided if I don't get cable by Monday, they have until Wednesday to get it hooked up and have one of two options: give us two months free cable, or get us two extra boxes for the extra televisions in the house with no charge (I prefer that as I want the guest bedroom to have cable and I want cable in my kitchen!) Think it'll work? It's a long shot since this was her offer to me today: a $50 gift card to Target that will arrive 6-8 weeks AFTER cable has been installed, and $25 off my first bill.

(Crickets chirping)

Is she serious? Does she know what it's like to always have 200+ cables one day and then have to rely on rabbit ears, to get a fuzzy, chopped up showing Big Brother?
If BB wasn't on a local station there would be hell to pay. I can't miss my Big Brother 8. Don't get me started on the potential risk of missing the season premiere of The Hills! So let's see what she says. I may be asking for a lot but everyday I've come home from work since we've moved here there's always a Time Warner guy in a van in the next building over..I'm getting tempted to just throw in the towel and hit him up.


yessi said...

oh my gosh! so sorry you're having to go through all that! My husband fights with our cable company every single month for something or other. But other than that, I guess we got pretty lucky when we moved in and didn't have too much to deal with.

yessi said...

I totally agree that Callie and George's marriage is a big joke, and I'm mad that he agreed to try to make a baby with her while he's making out with Izzy in elevators on the side!!! But I still like Callie. Her middle name is Iphegenia... hee.

Do you know when the new season starts??

DC said...

There is no way you can miss The Hills. Gotta get that cable installed!

You'll make it through all this fun moving drama and this'll all be a distant memory! Happy unemployment for a wknd as well ;)