Busy weekend

...and I still have Sunday left. Technically it is Sunday, but hey, I haven't slept yet. My morning started at 6 a.m. which is early for me on the weekend. Actually, it's early for me any day. It seems when I "visit" my hometown I end of feeling like I put in an additional 20 hours of work instead of resting or relaxing because I never have a moment to myself. Do this, do that, be here, be there, and this weekend has been no exception. My oldest neice by marriage, Bre, had a quincenera she was going to be in (another relatives actually). Basically a quincenera is a fancy sweet 16 but with more alcohol in coolers and well, Mexicans! Every quince is different — it's hard to compare, but either way, this 15 year old is considered a princess and in the process of publicly being acknowledged as a yoing woman. It's a bar mitvah for young, hispanic women. I never had one, never wanted one. The cheesy crowns and laced centerpieces never amused me. Not to knock a quince, hey, wait, I'm so off track. Let me resume, and I'll get back to this in a sec. SO, I had to fix Bre's hair. She has a ton of dark, thick locks so getting some tight ringlet curls wasn't the easiest task. I started at 7 a.m. and finished around 9:30. From there I headed for breakfast with my 7 year old neice as we were in the middle of a three day celebration of her birthday. From breakfast we went to get her nails manicured for the first time.

She was such a trooper considering she's not real social with strangers, moreless comfortable with one painting her nails and massaging her hands! From there I missed the quincenera service! I thought it was supposed to start at noon, but in fact it started at 11:00. I felt horrible, except I knew I would spend a couple of hours at the reception/dance/party. Instead I run some errands, and attend the birthday party. It was a bowling party, but the lanes stunk.

Oh well, we weren't even keeping score (which felt weird to me) but we had a blast nonetheless. I got a goody bag, bowled, played some ping pong and came to the conclusion that my parents love this first grandchild more than they love me or my sister. From them she got some $50 toy Bratz bus, a Nintendo DS, a bike, some shoes, and a cellphone. Not to mention the fact that her card from them said, and I quote, "we found our joy when you were born seven years ago," and they wonder why I think they should pay for my therapy. So after all that, we rest for about 45 minutes before we head to the quince dinner. I will report on that at a later date actually..I want to see how some of the pics came out.

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