World of Jenks: Herschel Sims

I love my hometown. There is so much I miss about it from time to time. I miss going to the store and running into half a dozen people I know. I miss going to La Popular Bakery on Pine St, and I miss Friday night football. We have football in the DFW area, but West Texas football is a totally different creature.

Abilene High Eagles at the 2009 State Tournament in the Alamodome 

The town is ghostlike on a Friday night. When our team is on the road, the fans follow. When we play our crosstown rivals - you're covered in your school's colors from head to toe. Every, class, age, and color is covered. The game is the highlight of the week, and staying true to tradition, begins and ends with a prayer.

My old high school won last year's state championship and the pride felt as we witnessed these young men make history was priceless. Our hometown once again came in huge groups to show their support.

Once again the Abilene High Eagles are in the playoffs and what a great way to kick off post season play then a feature on MTV?  Andrew Jenks, documentary filmmaker from The World of Jenks recently covered Herschel Sims, Abilene High Running Back and his struggle to the top.

Bring the tissues.

I was definitely prepared to witness an overwhelming sense of joy upon seeing my hometown featured on MTV, but the surge of emotions that came with it left me humbled. The story behind Herschel's upbringing and his experiences as a child to young man had me floored. How is it he suffered through so much and has still continued to beat all odds against him and flourish not only as a star athlete, but a star human being?

He is one of the best in the nation, and projected to be an even bigger deal in the collegiate and professional world of football but when he said he'd give it all up in a heartbeat to have a home with a mom and dad? Wow.

I'll let the documentary tell the rest. Please watch it here.