"Vanity is My Favorite Sin"

Those were Al Pacino's words, not mine, but they could very well be.

I am vain, yes, it's not secret.

It's not anything I'm proud of per say, but I've totally come to terms with it.

I get it from my mom.

This was totally taken at a football game - no sweatshirts or tennis shoes for us. We supported the team fashionably.

Mom and I were talking today and every so often she says something like:

"When I did I want this song at my funeral,,,,"
"If something happens to me and I need 24 hour help just send me to a home..."

It's funny how she seems almost totally okay with the fact she is getting older, not as healthy and feels it necessary to bring these things up but today she took it in a different direction...

Mom: "When I die I want a closed casket, I don't want people seeing me like that, I want the last way they saw me to be good. Oh, and if I get sick and in the hospital you and your sister HAVE to make sure you're keeping up with my make up."

Me: "Uh, ditto! Oh, and make sure your tweeze my brows at least every other week, seriously, I mean, it's bad enough I'm IN the hospital but I have to look rough too??"

Mom: "Right?"

Me: "Yeah! 

Me: "Um, mom? We're totally vain!"

Mom: "I know."

Is it wrong to be so vain?

Even since I was a little girl (minus my tomboy years) I wouldn't leave the house without feeling like I looked my best for whatever occasion I was heading out to. As I got older, it became a bit more intense. I've never come close to being the low maintenance type, granted, I don't indulge in massages or skin treatments but I don't leave the house without mascara or lip gloss at the least, and neither does momma.

I've always laughed at guys that have told me I didn't need makeup, heels and such because whenever they met and approached me I was wearing makeup and heels. I find it hard to believe they would have been so quick to introduce themselves if I was sans makeup and had my hair in a bun.

But I never did it for the boys, I did it for me.

I take pride in a good appearance. I enjoy makeup, and primping myself. I can sit behind the PS3 for hours (Hello Black Ops!) and sit through a Sunday full of football constantly checking my fantasy team but I am a girly girl and proud. I frequent the salon for a cut/style or mani/pedi. I wax my own eyebrows every other week to ensure they're flawless. I micro demabrase once or  twice a week, and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I've been known to kick up the whiteness in my teeth, and if I had my choice, I'd wear heels on a daily basis. My "makeup bag" is a professional makeup case with compartments and categories (browns, smoky blacks/grays, violets).

Yes. It's that's serious.

I guess I never really understood people who didn't do the same.

I think there is a big difference in being proud of your appearance by maintaining yourself to a higher standard, and being an egotistical jerk. One might say vanity is vanity and it's a futile, narcissistic trait.

I say we have one life to live, and I'm going to live it feeling good about myself on the inside and out.

So in closing, here are a few of my favorite vanity enabling products and one of mom's beauty secrets:

1) Bad Gal Lash by Benefit

I've used everything and this is by far my favorite. It makes my lashes super long, full, and not cluttered at all.

2) MAC Lip Glass in Pink Poodle

One's lips should always be poppin', The mouth is a close second to the eyes when it comes to what I look at in other people. I think everyone should have a pretty white smile, and nothing compliments your pearly whites like some glossy pink lips.

3) TRESemmé Heat Protectant

No one likes split ends and I Chi everyday so this is a good, cost effective way to keep the damage down. Plus, I think it's just as good as the salon cost at a quarter of the price.

4) Mary Kay Yellow Eye Concealer

I've used this concealer for years and refuse to change. It has more pigment than any other concealer I have without feeling cakey.

5) Smoother skin? Petroleum Jelly.

For years mom has covered her face in Vaseline after showering, and places a steamed towel for a few minutes before washing and moisturizing. She has great skin and is complimented on it constantly. I also apply Vaseline to my hands, feet, elbows, and knees nightly to keep them nice and soft.

6) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Is it worth the buy? I think so. It makes my foundation easier to spread and my makeup stays considerably fresh, even at the end of the day.

7) TRESemmé Dry Shampoo

This is a fairly new product that I LOVE! It's not good to wash your hair everyday as you strip your hair of natural oils that help moisturize those precious strands but sometimes my hair feels not so fresh the next day. I use to wash every other day and my hair would feel great but I have serious hormonal issues that took me from normal hair, to dandruff head and now I'm at this weird in between stage that isn't oily, but difficult to style on day two. This is a great way to make it manageable without drying out your do.

So there you go, a few of my beauty gems. Please share any of yours :)


yessi said...

That mascara, is it sold at regular stores or do I need to get it somewhere fancy? I was totally admiring your makeup in your fb pictures!


I like to take showers. That water does wonders to my skin.

Lena said...

@Yessi, I get mine from Sephora but I'm pretty suer Ulta carries Benefit.
@Israel, I'm sure you only wash in Evian, am I correct? :)