Listfully Yours

It's been awhile, here's a list.

1) So I realize now I did in fact blog high. Getting my wisdom teeth out is something I've avoided for over 12 years and now I wonder why. I can't believe the stuff they give you at the oral surgeon is even legal. It's awesome. I want more.

2) My family is picking up the pieces from the the chaos a couple of weeks ago. Thanksgiving may be especially difficult, but if the time we spent together after the services is any indication that a ridiculously big Mexican family can overcome even the biggest of tragedies then I think we'll enjoy our time together and be able to really be thankful for those of us that have made it through.

3) I lost my license. Suuuuck.

4) We've been approached by a set of pastors who are working with a young mother right now regarding adoption. She has two children already (she's 18) and has just given birth to twin girls that she feels she cannot take care of. Enter us. How do I feel about it? Despite knowing now I CAN in fact get pregnant, makes it almost impossible for me to fathom turning down an opportunity to take in these two infants. I asked my husband, "What if we adopt these two baby girls, and six months from now I end up pregnant?" His response "That'd be awesome! If anyone can do it, we can." Wow. Well, I always DID want a lot of kids..

5) My cousin just got married in Vegas yesterday. I find this blog worthy because at this time last year she didn't even have her first boyfriend, then almost overnight they're engaged, now married. She waited 26 years for this which by most people's standards these days, 26 is still young to wed, but the item I find particularly interesting is she didn't have her big wedding. Her family wasn't even there to share in the nuptials. I know a lot of people prefer it this way, but I know her and I really thought she would enjoy fthe whole wedding planning process. To this day I think of things I'd like a "re-do" on when it comes to my wedding, mainly details but to this day they bother me. I can't imagine the sense of regret I would have felt if I had an impromptu wedding, sans family, sans tradition almost immediately after. I guess love does make you do crazy things. I hope it's something she doesn't regret.

Welp that's it. There's my update, more blogs to follow.

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The Powells said...

Wow - number 4 is really awesome! I'm praying for your guys decision. It's an exciting opportunity!