Home at the lake...

So I may have mentioned before that I grew up by a lake in West Texas. Naturally there aren't many lakes in Texas although many medium to large sized towns in Texas can boast of a lake but really there is only one natural lake in Texas and even that one has been altered, Lake Caddo if you must know. The rest are all man made lakes.

There isn't much to do while living by the lake unless you really enjoy fresh water fishing which I did as a child. When I wasn't fishing I spent most of my childhood walking by the water, skipping rocks, investigating every path and tree top and collecting rocks which doesn't seem particularly fun unless, of course, you are a child.

I miss the stars. I miss the colorful leaves and different shades of dirt.

Simple things.

I love what the city has to offer, but when I go back home to the lake I try to take as much of it in.

One day my parents will pass, we'll sell the old lake house - and we won't have a reason to go any longer. This makes me sad so I just take more and more pictures hoping to preserve the memory.

This is what happens when you take a picture of the sun, it comes out like a scene in Harry Potter

Funny how even a man made lake has God written all over it.



nice pics.

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Can you please tell me what kind of tree the purple berries are on?
I have one just like it in South Georgia and noone can tell me...