I miss...

Staying up past 1 a.m. and being able to fully function the next day - heck, I miss just staying up past 1 a.m.

Having a flat tummy without having to lay on my back

Having less responsibilities and a job whose biggest requirement was me standing at a register

Having 24 hour access to a girlfriend for a late night conversation

The freedom to just get up and go

Being an extra small top at Express and a size double zero in jeans

What I don't miss...

The insecurity that came with me being single or in an unfulfilled relationship

Shopping in juniors or kids where the quality if clothing just plain sucked

Not having curves

Working for an hourly wage just making some CEO richer

What I love...

Having responsibilities that enrich the lives of others and myself

That I don't look older than 25

Having a house without loud people next to, below or under me

Having a reason to go to bed early :)

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Gnetch said...

I miss having some of the things you mentioned too. Especially the 24-hour access to a girlfriend for a conversation.

But I love how, despite the things that you miss, you can still appreciate the other things, the things you love.