Forget The Election - Cinnabon is in Control

Seriously, I had my first Cinnabon about two years ago and was a changed woman. How could we ever say we truly had any sort of pastry BEFORE Cinnabon? Then, a Cinnabon was a special treat, only eaten on the rare occasions we would happen to be in a mall with a Cinnabon, but recently it seems Cinnabon is runnin' a muck on society.

Yes ladies and gentleman, forget the democrats and republicans (who ELSE was sick of the excessive whoring of the voting issue on Facebook?) forget liberals and conservative, no more bloods and crips (or Latin Kings, holla!) We have a new competitor that has already won our hearts, and now our homes.

Cinnabon is everywhere.

It's no longer a special treat - Cinnabon has taken itself to a completely different level. Before I thought "huh, Cinnabon cereal? Cool." or "Whoa! Cinnabon at Scholtzsky's?? Awesome!" But now an excessive amount of products are out there with the Cinnabon name.

Somebody's getting rich.

Peep this.

And these are just the products that came up on the first two pages of Google Images when "Cinnabon" is searched. There were a few more I didn't even bother to snatch. So it made me wonder, something this good, can't be that good for you, right?

(This is where you secretly hope I'm about to tell you they are actually very nutritional and full of ooey-gooey greatness where no guilt is necessary, well, keep hopin')

A Classic Cinnabon has:

813 Calories which could be traded for: over 8 medium sized apples, over 6 servings of Baked Cheetos, or almost 4 full size Hershey bars!

32 gram of fat which could be substituted for: 2 Chik-fil-A chicken sandwiches, 16 slices of bacon (assuming it's not ALL fat), or get this, 45 BANANAS!

801 mg of sodium OR: 72 Bud Lights, 5 tomatos, or 20 pretzels.

They should call them SINabons.

After looking this information up I want to run about 100 laps around my bed before I lie in it, but the truth is - I'm probably going to wake up and finish the leftover SINabon I purchased tonight. I only ate about 20 grams of it's fatty deliciousness so I have about 13 more grams to go.

I'll make sure and blog about the process of me no longer fitting into my "thick" clothes anymore later...

Funny how they turned "chubby" into "thick" and it's supposed to be all good...

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yessi said...

Lady, we need to be friends. Or at least facebook friends, haha...

Just two days ago I posted that two guys at the grocery store called me "thick" for the first time in my life (I've always been "flaca," imagine that...), and as the color drained from my face and I felt like I was about to puke, they're stading there like they just gave me the biggest compliment that warrants me handing over my phone number.

Yet I wouldn't turn down a Cinnabon today, either. Bah