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Today my husband dropped by my advanced class to bring me lunch so I wouldn't have to eat spaghetti for the fifth time this week (lately I'm against wasting leftovers). He wasn't in there long but after he left, my students shared their thoughts. This is what I heard...

"He's tall!"

"Is he Asian?"

"He doesn't look Asian!"

"Was he mad?"

"He's quiet, is he a thinker?"

The last one got me thinking. I responded that yes he is quiet and he is more of a thinker, and I'm the talker, but in hindsight I realize I'm both.

I'm always thinking, daydreaming, mentally reenacting things that have happened, imagining what if this or that happened and creating details down to the attire and dialogue that would be present if these situations came to pass. After that, I recreate it in my mind with different dialogue and different outcomes. I've always have, not sure why.

One of these "thinker" qualities I possess is my obsession with Google and searching random information on the internet.

I don't know how I ever functioned before Google.

I google at least a few dozen times a week.

Tonight I watched Aziz Ansari on Comedy Central tonight and he had a bit that actually prompted me to write this. He talked about all if the random stuff he looks up on his phone and the possibility of someone one day looking at his search history after he's dead.

I can honestly say that's crossed my mind, so, weird or not, I've decided to share my most recent Google searches for your nosey pleasure!

1) Chupa Chups

2) flower beds and wood chips

3) sugar skull recipes

4) '96 Buick power steering

5) World At War map list

6) theme song of Bored To Death

7) Kandinsky birds

8) custom pinatas

9) Lego man

10) who sings song Any Day Now

11) lgbt issues in public school

12) red mole

13) Nevi No More

14) I'll pay your rent lyrics

15) Dollar Tree hours

Those are just a few of dozens.

So what do you Google? Hmm. I bet at least ONE of you Google something from my list.


I've included a clip of the Aziz Ansari if you're not familiar with him, but if you haven't you've been living under a rock. He is currently on Parks and Recreation and you may have seen him on Funny People, Observe and Report, I Love You Man, and one of my favorites, Get Him To The Greek. He was also the host of the MTV Movie Awards which made him my all time favorite host of that show and probably every other awards show I've seen. I just enjoy his humor. I hope you do too.

Aziz Ansari - Willow Related Death
Aziz Ansari Stand-UpAziz Ansari JokesBuy tickets to the New York Comedy Festival

You can also check out his tumblr here!
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Steve G. said...

Aziz is awesome! Both on Parks and Recreation, and in his stand-up. I love his special where he's talking about meeting Kanye West.

As far as Google goes, if you love random searching, you need to be following Carly Googles. It is one of my absolute favoritest blogs:


Picosita said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.

yessi said...

I Google sooo much, too! I tend to be a question googler, though, instead of just words...
-can you learn CPR online?
-how to make fluffy scrambled eggs?
-can you ship food through ups?
-how to tell if your cat is lethargic?

steph said...

Your google list is hilarious!!! I love it!!! :)

FreeFlying said...

I'm so nosy. I google completely random people who I couldn't care less about. And I don't even know why. For example: last night (despite caring NOT AT ALL about the Vikings) simply because they were on t.v. and I wanted to know if Brett Favre was looking like an idiot for coming out of retirement yet again, I googled their season record. Which is when I discovered Brett's current sexting scandal. Which is when I felt compelled to look up everything about the girl he sexted. Then look up his wife and try to find details about his marriage. Then I split screens and compared the two women.

Did I mention that I couldn't care less about the Vikings? Or Favre? Or football and all its drama in general.

I know. It's a sickness.


Picosita said...

Ahh, fellow Googlers, it's taken sometime, but I feel like I'm with family now!