I'm Coming Out!

It's National Coming Out Day and I'm coming out!

(more photos from Dallas Pride '07 here.)

No, I'm not classified under any LGBT categories, in other words, I'm straight with no interest in other women and not feeling like I was born the wrong gender.

So let me explain.

I grew up in a conservative, West Texas, Christian environment. I was pretty sheltered until college but even then I stayed in the same town and went to a private Christian university. I didn't really leave that bubble until I wed and moved to the Dallas-Ft Worth area. I've always had friends that were gay, lesbian, or bisexual and almost seemed drawn to them and vice versa.

So what's my confession?

My confession is despite my upbringing, I embrace the LGBT culture. In fact, I almost avoid discussing or thinking about the traditional Christian views on the matter. When it comes down to it, in regards to it being a sin, a part of me feels like it is at times, but mostly, I just don't think about it because it's not my position at all in life to judge whether what another person is doing is sinful or not.

Some Christians would say I'm in a grayish, lukewarm area and compromising.

Others would say I'm ignorant for being a Christian.

I say I don't care what they say.


This is how I feel:


Love is love and EVERYONE is deserving of love.

Everyone should have the right to love WHO they want to.

If it is a sin, what does the Bible tell us?

To judge?

No. We are to love as Christ did. Also, lying IS a sin, judging IS a sin, coveting IS a sin and the Bible also tells us there is no LEVEL of sin so hypothetically a gay individual living a "sinful" life isn't more of a sinner than a person who lies on their taxes or gets jealous of the neighbor's new car.

Lastly, the government didn't tell me I couldn't marry my husband because he was a Catholic and I was a Protestant, they don't tell a white woman she can't marry an African-American so why should we not allow the gay community to marry whom they please? Because it will "ruin" the sanctity of marriage and the American family? I'm sorry but that happened when women started having 5 kids with 4 different men, when "dad" only existed in less than half of American homes, and when grandparents had no choice but to become the parents.


My best friend in the whole wide world is a lesbian. She has been there for me since 6th grade and I would take it as a personal offense if someone mistreated her or hurt her because of her sexual orientation. I believe there is a God, and I believe He loves every ounce of her being. I believe his heart hurts when he sees His children mistreated. I also believe as a nation we have made some pretty stupid decisions when it comes to how we treat people that are different than the "norm" and it takes people like her, and myself, and quite possibly YOU to say "I'm going to support this person for who they are."

I think it would mean the world to a person who just doesn't feel loved, or accepted by those who just don't understand. If you feel this way, great. If you don't, explore why you don't. Look outside of yourself. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a person who may have lost their job, their friends, or even their family because of who they love. Put yourself in the shoes of a 14 year old child that pretends to be sick so he doesn't have to face the taunts and teasing of other children at school.

I am a Christian and I love my straight AND gay friends/family/students alike. It IS possible to do both. In fact Christ calls us to love one another - so without regards to how you, another human feels about it, I will do as my God says, and simply, love.

*This post is dedicated to my best friend Pie who has seen my flaws, but never judged me, laughed with me and has been the closest person I've ever known on this planet to show unconditional love. This little entry isn't much, and like three people read this blog, but you know I'd give hell to anyone that ever mistreated you for who you are, even if you have horrible taste in women :)


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Wow! Well said, cousin! Well said!!!!

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