It's Alive!

My adopted plant is doing quite well in it's new digs. New blooms started popping up with a couple of days!

I think adding this plant has been good for my first plant (from my uncle Danny's funeral this summer) because he (it's a boy) has outgrown his pot!

So while I went to Home Depot to get his new red pot, I picked up another little plant.This could soon turn into a slight addiction but I seriously think it's helping me cope with some things that I'm still going through (plus I had a pretty new pot I bought last week that needed a resident!)

Sounds a bit silly I'm sure but I've developed a brand new pride in taking care of these plants and watching them grow. It's almost nurturing...


I think I just hit a nerve.

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Steve G. said...

First off, it keeps asking me for a Twitter API password when I load your blog. I have no idea why. I just click cancel and it lets me view, but I thought I'd tell you.

Second, nice plant! We wanted to do some plantings at my new place, but we got here so late in the year - Sept. 1 - that we figured anything we planted would just die in a month anyway.

Picosita said...

Yeah, it's the only way to get a twitter streamed in that I could see, I just deleted it b/c I never tweet anyhow, plus, it's annoying.
Indoor plants do well year round. I was even thinking of stepping out on a limb and making an actual flower bed.

yessi said...

I completely ignored my flower bed this year; now I kind of regret it :/

Hey I really enjoyed reading your TDC!

Picosita said...

You know I thought of you when I posted these. I remember your pics with your flowers and even wondered how they were.