Teen Mom, My Take...

So I can say I've watched my fair share of this show. Although I've grown out of the MTV staples (Real World and all of those ridiculous challenges), I have definitely bought into their other reality programming.

I was totally into The Hills, don't judge, although one might question the "reality" behind the show. I like World of Jenks and the True Life series. The show that seems to have taken the limelight though would have to be Teen Mom.

The show focuses on young mothers previously on the 16 and Pregnant Series. Now they are all grown, and struggling with life as young mothers. Of course some handle the struggle better than others.

Here's my take on these little ladies...


Maci has to be my favorite mom. I can't help but think her success as a young mother and student has a lot to do with the support she had in comparison to the other mothers from family and friends. Unfortunately her son's father Ryan is a real piece of work. From the beginning he showed little to no interest in his son, and this season he is focused on gaining more visitation/custody. For what? I know people change, and know this IS his father but I can't help but feel his desire for custody is strictly for the cameras or pure spite for the woman who has made that little boy as happy as he is.

My Prediction?
She'll end back up with Ryan for awhile, possibly get married, and eventually divorce.

My Advice?
Work with Ryan for your son. He'll never say you didn't try. Focus on your schooling, and not these boys who aren't ready for what you have to offer. Oh, and consider a baby sitter from time to time - you're friends will be less likely to invite you out of the house if you always bring the kid. You're a good mom, getting out from time to time isn't awful and you need it for your own personal sanity.


Where do I even begin with the train wreck that is Amber and her baby daddy/on again off again fiance Gary? Not only has Amber shown her inability to control her emotions but she has taken it to a whole new other level with her ability to get physical. First with Gary, then who next? Her daughter when she doesn't clean her room? I'm in no way saying Gary is model father or boyfriend, he has his faults as well. I wanted to climb through the television and knock him out myself when he totally left Amber high and dry on her birthday with NO sitter. Who says you can't go out unless you invite me? What a loser. If they didn't have that poor child I would say they are perfect for each other, but for her sake it's best they keep as far away from each other as possible.

My Prediction?
She'll either continue to pursue a relationship with this new guy she's dating (loser) or find another gem (loser) to be with. She'll probably end up supporting him, get pregnant, and go psycho on him causing him to leave. This cycle may repeat one more time until she sticks to her cigs and boxed wine.

My Advice?
Get serious therapy. Grow the freak up and be the good, consistent mother you need to be. Stop tanning so stinkin' much, get your G.E.D. and calm the FREAK down when Gary's trying to talk to you reasonably (even if he's an idiot). Lastly, for the love of all things good, STOP ARGUING IN FRONT OF THAT BABY!


I'm actually a fan of Farrah this season. Last season? Not so much. I think the best thing that happened to Farrah is when momma slapped her around a bit. I am not, I repeat, am NOT an advocate for physical abuse, but I'm old school. A momma, is a momma and as long as you are old enough to live in momma's house, you are old enough to get your butt whooped. (Don't hate me). Her mom definitely has control issues, but let me tell you why I feel this way. Farrah didn't experience true maturity and independence until she hit that point with her mother. It's not until she was forced to pay rent, get a job and balance that with school and having a daughter that she really grew up. I respect her now and believe she is at the point to find a good man that will love her and her daughter.

My Prediction?
She'll finish school if she doesn't fall in love and get married first. She'll wait on the next baby, and as little as a couple years from now, she and her mother will be close, sharing stories on love and motherhood.

My Advice?
Don't go looking for him, live your life, and your paths will cross. Understand that you only get one mother, and when you are upset with yours, consider having the next girl's mother...


I've saved the best for last. Is she perfect? No. Totally mature? Not all the time. Kick ass human being? Yes. Catelynn and Ryan put themselves aside to give their daughter the best future possible. They understood the environment they lived in wasn't good enough for their precious baby. They have had to grow up too soon with the parents they were given alone (their parents are dating each other, weirdness, alcoholics/drug abuser), so to top that off with bringing a new life into the world? They have handled themselves maturely, and responsibly. They had me in tears this evening, not only to see their sincere, strong love for the daughter they haven't raised, but to see how open the adoptive parents are to these two young people still having a shot of being in their daughter's life.

I'm sure they would love to have this little girl all to themselves, but they show their true hearts and gratitude by not hiding this adoption, but freely allowing all parties involved, to stay in contact. This baby is so fortunate to have two sets of parents that are so loving and selfless.

My Prediction?
These two will stay together. They will continue with their education to a certain extent, get married, and have children.

My Advice?
You were made for each other and placed in this situation for a reason. Get your education, and use your fame and experience to become advocates for adoption. There are so many teens that will never consider the option until they see and hear your story.


yessi said...

Cool, I never even heard of this show but now I feel like I've watched it :)

steph said...

You're so cool! Glad you're more open about your blog now! :)

Annah said...

Seen them on the cover of magazines but have never seen the show.

Teen motherhood is extremely difficult. heck, all motherhood is difficult.

Maybe by watching this teens can see that it's not as easy as they may think.

Paige said...

totally agree about maci. totally agree