I'm Old!

I know I've touched on this subject before but it became all too real this weekend.

Here we go:

Friday 4:00 - Work is over! Happy hour?? Nope...

Friday 4:01 - I stay to get ahead on a supply shipment thus intruding on my weekend

Friday 5:00 - I dig weeds out of my front yard...seriously?

And the rest of the evening I avoid the Texas Ranger game and clean house until midnight.

Saturday 9:00 - Up and at 'em for some co-ed soccer in which the team I'm watching loses every game (but there was a fight, highlight of my weekend? Perhaps.)

Saturday 4:00 - Just got home, NAP!

Saturday 7:00 - Wake up. Ugh. Break plans to go out with another couple to the State Fair of Texas because I'm...old. After that I read some blogs I follow and a few others I've just come across and then it dawns on me, I'm total weak sauce now.

I use to be awesome too.

I read through these blogs of these incredibly interesting (even though they think they are a hot, misunderstood mess) and am inspired.

They write about sex and don't get awkward about it.

They travel, on a whim, they just up and go explore parts of the world.

They are candid and raw, never thinking about or really care what others think if they know their truth.

They do all of these things and don't hide behind a ridiculous pen name like, *ahem* Picosita.

This is the kicker. Even AFTER I decide I'm boring, my husband and I discuss our Halloween plans. The first plan was to go to the Granada Theater and hear T-Bird and The Breaks whilst wearing our much anticipated creative costume (this year we decided on Cheech and Chong...um, hello. Not cute for me at ALL but clever nonetheless), then we were invited to a costume free birthday party for a friend at a cool little bar we've heard a lot about, but I'm not (much of) a drinker. The I precede to say:

"You know what would be awesome? We should just invite two or three couples over and have a game night! It would be fun to just sit around, play games and that way we can see all of the cute little trick or treaters that will be coming by!"



At that moment I knew I needed to do something to let my hair down STAT. (It gets worse) So we left for Furr's (a FREAKIN' OLD PERSONS BUFFET!) but then decided to save the Furr's visit until the next morning and opted for another eatery which resulted us in bed by 10:30.



The Powells said...

Haha - you're so funny! Oh how things change for us all :). Oh and I do remember the Veggie Tales doll that I got Keegan - so long ago!

yessi said...

I was in church on Friday night until 10:30pm, if that makes you feel any better...

Actually, it only makes ME feel old, too.


steph said...

You ROCK! You make me laugh every time! I sooo love you!!!