Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

It's a bit weird writing this as my heart has been won, but many of these apply in non romantic settings. Also, my husband has been known to read my blog every blue moon so I might drop some hints...

1) Laugh at my jokes - I think I can be pretty hilarious, I want you to feel the same way.

2) Love dogs, especially my weiners!

3) Show your artistic side (art, music, film etc), even if it's just showing interest in it.

4) Appreciate the fact that I take care of myself and never leave the house without lip gloss as I strive to not let myself go and always look good for you.

5) Surprise me with tickets to some live music or the museum.

6) Love my mom.

7) Hang out with my friends.

8) Be there when I need you - even if you try and I don't respond, at least I know you tried.

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