Live Plant! Live!

My school secretary lost her mother early this school year and was given a plant that looks to be on it's very own death bed. (Get it? Death bed! Flower bed! Wait, was that insensitive?)


I've called in PPS (Plant Protective Services) and have personally taken custody of the plant.

After making a mess of crusty leaves and blooms in my car, I drove it to Home Depot where they couldn't identify it's type, but suggested replanting it (which I thought was a no-no with dying plants). I bought a planter and the soil they suggested and replanted it.

I'll keep you posted on it's progress or ultimate demise. I'm also open to suggestions and any references that will allow me to identify it less than 5 minutes. I'm dedicated but those plant websites are a bore.

In other news, my roses have opened up beautifully!

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