Rationality - Theory or Truth?

I should write a book. I should write a book about all of my adventures in love and life. I should write about my failures, successes, and my would'ves, could'ves, should'ves. I don't know who would read it and enjoy it. It would merely be a book of problems, but no solutions. I have no answers. Sure, many readers could relate, but what's a good book, without a resolution? I have no resolution.

My thoughts have been on the rational - rational thinking, rational doing, rational words... What would happen if I decided to act out irrationally?

Thanks Thursday night television. You did a number on me.

Hollywood makes it look so easy to act out irrationally and follow your heart. They sleep with their best friend's ex husband, they manipulate the ones they love to succeed - and they do it so easily. Drama after drama, yet they always bounce back, and they always have a friend, and some family that still support them.

Why doesn't it work like that in real life? Or does it? I don't know, when it comes down to decisions, I tend to think of what is right, opposed to what I want. I've learned what I want, is not always what I need. Or is it? Ha. I don't even know.

What happens if we don't play it safe? What happens if we put it all out there?

A friend of mine found out today that a co-worker totally threw her under the bus with a potential promotion. It was completely sneaky, manipulative, and out of the blue. This wasn't gossip or hear say. What this person did, well, this person did. It wasn't a slip of toungue. It was well thought out. Now my friend is reacting to it in a creative manner. She's being very passive agressive. Its all game play because this other girl will break under the pressure and guilt...but when does that rationailty come into play and keeps her from making that chick a bust on the wall? What would happen if she said, screw rationality, I'm taking this bull by the horn, I'm getting down and dirty and in her face. Now we know nothing good comes out of that, but sometimes is it okay, to just go crazy?

Is it too fine of a line to take those risks that no one else will ever understand? To go balls out and not care about what your boss says? Your mom? Your pastor? Your friends? Will you feel instant euphoria then plummet to your demise? Or will you just jump and land on a cloud where no one can bother, judge, or lecture you?

Blah. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the middle. You feel the euphoria, fall, break some bones that take forever to heal, but end up with a few friends, a little family that stand by your side...if it was the right decision you'll recover and have peace of mind...if it's wrong you'll live a life of "what if...?"

The problem then is, what is right? What is wrong? And what really, is rational?

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