Brand New - Jesus Christ @ Good Records

I was at this show in October at an awesome record shop in Dallas called Good Records. It was a bonus show limited to those that had bought Brand New's newest album, Daisy, at the record store. They gave out wristbands and the show was set for a few hours before their evening performance at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas.

These are some pics I was lucky enough to shoot, again, on my little Nikon. I'm not quite good at hustling in a better camera at these shows...

Fast forward to today...

I check YouTube regularly for live music videos and came across this. I see the top of my head for like two seconds.

I love how Jesse Lacey shares his personal struggles in a way that is almost poetic, but not necessarily warm. I've been a fan of this group for some time, but over the past year and a half it's been a complete obsession of mine and find myself listening to them several times a week with out skipping an album, or song. It's that good.

Although this isn't my favorite (that would be Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't), this is an incredible song and right up there in the "songs that have potentially changed my life" category.


*thank you UNT guy for recording this

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