Do You Have Time For Some Change?

Time changes so much.

Time changed me from a pretty selfish person working and hustling myself raw out in a field that wasn't for me to make a buck... to poster paints, teenage angst drama and adhering to a dress code that really makes me feel like a teacher. (shoot me if I ever own apple shaped earrings)

Time changed me from feeling like I had to fit a certain mold to me busting out of that mold and creating a fresher version of me that doesn't care if you think my shoes match my top.

Time changes a teen girl into a teen mother in blink of the eye...true story, breaks my heart.

Time isn't always kind, but time is always consistent.

Time changes, but changes can be good.

It's time for a change.

I started with my blog layout....baby steps.


andrea said...

You know, I used to think "change" was a bad thing. Actually, a quite terrifying scary thing (ok, I still do) but I don't think it's that bad. It's the uncertainty that kills the. It's the fact that nothing is guaranteed in life...But at the same time, that is also a relief. This year's theme for me is "letting go" and letting whatever comes my way happen. I spent so long trying to do what others expect of me, trying to control my outcome without letting things "happen" to me...but now its time I do what I expect of me, what I want. And what is that? Well, I'm not sure but I am sure that no matter how hard I try to tie "it" down, as quickly as I declare it..it changes. That can be frustrating, but also refreshing. It's all a big huge experiment, this thing we call life cuz seriously, I have no answers.

Picosita said...

I grown to love and embrace change. I don't know if I just love a challenge or am just too ADHD to have a routine. I love to gain new experiencecs too - my nerves usually get the best of me at first, but once I get past that I'm good.