Here is an uber small portion of what we have done. My biggest regret? Letting the kids take their pieces home to work on so they could fold the paper and leave creases. Boo. Otherwise, fun year.


The Powells said...

Wow - you definitely have talent in your class :). Which is your favorite?

andrea said...

Your kids did this? I read you teach art, yes? Awesome! This stuff is great. I wish I could do stuff like that. I love the Loteria one...it's one of my favorite themes, that and Day of the Dead. Love the colors. Your kids are very talented!

Picosita said...

Thanks! Middle School art to be exact. My favorite? Hmm. The technical skill behind the self portrait of the boy closing his ears and the aztec warrior detail is great, but, the concepts behind the 2 Fridas (the one with four images of her, and the black & silver with the bird) are the most unique. Both are spray painted. The self portrait of the boy covering his mouth is the mastermind behind those two. Very conceptual.