A Lesson on Thanksgiving

A job well done should never go unappreciated.

Do you know that feeling of working hard at a paticular project or job and finish feeling less than accomplished because it seemed to have gone unnoticed or unappreciated? It can leave one so down and disappointed that the next task is one that is either approached with much hesitiation, lack of motivation, or perhaps not approached at all.

I have a stash of letters written to me from my students, and receieved a new stash today. I turn to these a lot when I feel down, or feel like all this work just isn't worth it. They give me the motivation I need to not become stagnant or jaded in my career. I understand the bitter teacher. I understand where a person gives up on investing so much into others because they have been burned time after time. I believe it, I understand it, but I don't want it...so I read these letters.

Then it got me to thinking. If we have moments where we feel like we're running on "E", without an end in sight, no one to encourage us or thank us - how then, does God feel? Who does more than He that created us? We have been given the breath of life, the opportunity to live, love, laugh and be in the presence of people we care for, doing the things we enjoy. He never sleeps. He is there, aware of you, your heart, your situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. He can't call in sick or take a mental health day. He doesn't ignore tasks, or give them to someone else to complete. He works. Even when we don't have a thing to do with Him, He works on our behalf.

Sounds like the hardest job in the world right? He doesn't do it for the pay either, He does it because He loves us. So how do you think He feels, when He doesn't receieve a note, or prayer, of encouragement? Days, weeks, years and decades go by without a sound from us. If He hears from us it sounds more like a grocery list then a word of thanksgiving.

"I need You to do this..."

"I need You to do that..."

"I really want You to fix this..."

"I know You will bless me with that..."

Not very thankful are we?

Take a moment today, no, take several moments today to be thankful, to glorify the One that never gives up on us.

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