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This guy is insane. Love his music, love the story.

Light in The Attic Records is a record company that not only seeks out new, unique talent, but ventures back into the musical archives of our past and rediscover musicians and bands that may not have been as recognized as they should have been. In the 60's and 70's the music scene was overflowing with innovative sounds and talents. I'm sure it was easy for many great artists to go unnoticed because of the musical renassiance occuring around them. This record company has seeked out some great sounds from former singer/songwriters and I think the idea is golden, as well as the music.

So far (Sixto) Rodriguez is my favorite. I've had the pleasure of listing to many of the other acts on the label and plan on adding them to my always growing music library as well. The Cold Fact album is played over and over again on my commutes, and during my workday. He's sort of a Mexican Bob Dylan. He sings about love, honesty, politics, saying goodbye, and Janis Joplin. He has ventured back into traveling, touring, and sharing his talent with the world. I hope to catch his act the next time he rolls in through Texas.

Here are the lyrics to a favorite of mine, Like Janis. On the album the song title is incorrect, it states the title is Jane S Piddy (which is believed to have been a typo and should have read Janis Pity, go here for the full story on this oddity)

Like Janis

And you measure for wealth by the things you can hold
And you measure for love by the sweet things you're told
And you live in the past or a dream that you're in
And your selfishness is your cardinal sin

And you want to be held with highest regard
It delights you so much if he's trying so hard
And you try to conceal your ordinary way
With a smile or a shrug or some stolen cliché

But don't you understand, and don't you look about
I'm trying to take nothing from you
So why should you act so put out for me?

'Cos emotionally you're the same basic trip
And you know that I know of the times that you slip
So don't try to impress me, you're just pins and paint
And don't try to charm me with things that you ain't

And don't try to enchant me with your manner of dress
'Cos a monkey in silk is a monkey no less
So measure for measure reflect on my said
And when I won't see you then measure it dead

'Cos don't you understand, and don't you look about
I'm trying to take nothing from you
So why should you act so put out,
And sit there in wonder and doubt, for me?


Sleepy Darlings said...

one of my favorite artists. love!

Picosita said...

As do I - I think that's how I found your blog!