I'm slacking in this thing bad! To make things worse, the curse of the broken camera has touched about the home of Picosita. There are a few options out there for me to get the situation taken care of, but it's all up in the air.
Here's a list.

1) Today is "Super Tuesday" and because my stupid self is STILL registered in a city 5 hours away, I can't vote in the democratic or GOP primary. This isn't the worst thing that could happen actually. You see, I haven't throughly educated myself on all things political when it comes to the candidates, and what I know, I don't like. This way my "things to study list" narrows down from four candidates (plus Ron Paul) to two. Don't get me wrong, ideally there seems to be a couple of strong candidates, but it's hard to believe anything they say.

2) Tomorrow I'm helping administer a mock TAKS test to the 6th graders while the 7th and 8th take the real thing. As an educator I'm really up in arms about the TAKS test. For those of you non-Texans, the TAKS test is an assessment that determines whether you have the knowledge you need in the core subjects to move onto the next grade. In other words, you can work your tail off in school, have your daily grades and major projects cover any lower test scores - but if you take the TAKS and fail, you don't pass. There are opportunities to re-take, but test anxiety seems to be a growing issue in our schools. What licks my hide is I'll be in my room with the same kids ALL day which will begin to grow on my nerves seeing how they're not even art students. I'll survive, if anything, it'll be an easy day, right?

3) I've just discovered my baked chicken with stuffing is raw. What's up with that? I make it a ton of times, followed procedure, and I have raw chicken for dinner.

4) I've become quite the fan of online Guitar Hero. I'm not too bad, and have been playing for a couple of months. Recently we decided to hook the PS3 up online and have been battling pimple-faced, prebubesent teens to the Kaiser Chief's "Ruby," and Pearl Jam's "Even Flow." I've even dabbled in Call of Duty Four - Modern Warfare, and just achieved my first air strike.

5) I stayed after school an extra hour and a half helping a tear-filled student find her purse containing her ipod. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the first part of my evening, but her mom said she couldn't go home until she found it. We never found it, but mom opened the door.

6) I've had an altercation with who I consider(ed?) a close friend. The jury is still out but I'm getting too old for this type of stuff. It's hard to let things go, and even harder to always second guess your choices - especially when it comes to confrontation. But aren't the best friends the ones you can be 100% honest with? I'd like to think so, but not everyone feels the same way.

7) Edited out. Thank you.

8) My dog is pooping everywhere, but I love him so much. I think this was the best thing we could've done to get ready for a baby. It was time, I needed someone else to love ad take care of. I miss him when I'm not with him, and the little guy is wonderful addition to our family.

9) Also edited.

10) I feel like I need to have a #10. Hmmm. This can be a wildcard entry. Oh, I know, a random picture from my wedding. This photo shows a framed picture I kept with me on my wedding day. It was an old photo of my grandfather, probably from the late 40's or 50's. He's the one that would call me "Pequena pero picosa" which I've turned in Picosita. There you go, a little bit of history for you.


Jeff said...

Wow!!! You even like Call Of Duty???

You know...I wish people would just understand that underneath it all, we all bleed red. This need to separate ourselves based on the color of our skin is really unnecessary.

As a society, if we left out the obvious differences and focused on thriving as the one race we all are (human) we'd be a happier bunch.

DC said...

Oh man, the pooping must be a lot to handle. Something about the idea of you rocking out on Guitar Hero while your dog (who is cute!) is running around actually kind of awesome.

There is a crying baby next door that makes me not want to have babies ever.