I know, I know

Bad Blogger! Bad!
What's ironic is I can't even blame my absence on a busy schedule, or no camera. I'm still busy, and still without a camera, but I blame this on Call of Duty 4. I've been playing a lot. A lot. Mainly online, actually, only online. Isn't that sad? What's even more exciting (nerdier) is that I'm using a headset now. Enter geekdom. Pssh. It's fun and actually a stress reliever (except for last night when I was sucking it up more than usual!) I'm actually surprised by how many people are rude on there. It's pretty obscene at times. It can fun to talk back buuuut I usually keep quiet unless there's a normal person on.
In other news it's officially Spring Break! That's right, my career change has made happy to have this much needed break. What shall a girl do you might ask? Here we go:

1) Get an oil change and detail

2) Get Romo his second round a shots

3) Get Romo registered in doggy daycare (once a week, so he can learn to socialize!)

4) Clean (check!)

5) Register in this county so I can vote!

6) Figure out which kids I'm selecting for this next, big competition

7) Plan on a detailed outline for the art club I'm starting soon

8) Buy 2 birthday presents (dad and niece) 2 bridal shower presents (cousins getting married, not to each other!) and Easter baskets filled with everything their parents won't get them for nieces and nephews (that's 9 incase you were wondering...)

9) Buy an Easter dress

10) Get a mani and possible pedi

11) Get Romo's laundry done

12) Grocery shopping

13) Buy a camera ( a cheapie for now)

14) Design a t-shirt for work

15) Design a graduation invitation

16) Get off the damn computer so I can get this all done!

Yikes. I didn't realize how busy I am.


Jeff said...

That's soooo funny. Every single one of my friends has been heckling me to get Call Of Duty 4.

I guess I have to get on board seeing how much fun you're having.


yessi said...

ay geez I have to get an oil change too blehh.

welcome back, even if just for a minute. I've lost many a blogger friend to Call of Duty. hehehe totally kidding, it just sounded dramatic.