It was a blast. We spent four days back home and spent some much needed time with family. Long story short:

1) We had a big wedding shower in the family this weekend which meant more cousins coming in from out of town, yay! The shower was beautiful and I had a fun time catching up with everyone.

2) Little Romo did so well with the family dogs. In fact, I felt bad taking him away from it all on Sunday. Weeelll not really, I was ready to have him to myself!

3) I walked down to the lake area of my parent's property. It was brief but it brought back many memories of my dad and I spending countless hours fishing. Sometimes we'd go two hours without saying a word...just sitting and watching the water. When I saw him this weekend I was taken aback. He looked much older then I ever remember, and it begins to dawn on me how quickly life passes us by.

4) I finally bought a new camera...it's kind of a cheapie, but plan on buying my XTI in the early Summer.

I didn't get home until a few minutes shy of 8 this evening and I'm exhausted. It was a productive day though, getting ready for a long one tomorrow (observation AND open house!) But I made a vow to myself that this thing is going to get up and running again. I really miss/need blogging.


Jeff said...

The kind of moments you shared with your dad when you were a little girl are priceless. I treasure such moments because like you said, we all get older whether we like it or not.

It's wonderful that you had those kind of moments.

Truly awesome!

DC said...

Those pictures are beautiful :)