Where I've Been

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves not wanting to not cook one night, so we went out, not knowing what we were in the mood for. Fast food? Restaurant? Mexican? Italian? It can get annoying trying to agree, but we came across this pizza place we would go to as kids back home. The one in our hometown has been closed for several years so it was surprising for us to find one about 5 minutes from our new place here. We decided to give it a try. We should've turned around when we walked in. You see, Crystal's Pizza was always a fun time, but now I wonder if it was only appealing as a child? What started as a nostalgic trip back into our childhood past turned into us thoroughly inspecting dry, been-out-all-day pizza, and looking over our shoulder. Of course I'm exaggerating, but not about the food. But it was borderline creepy. Once I Googled the place, I found I wasn't the only one that felt this way as you can see here. I was sad about it. I remember having a birthday party at Crystal's when I was younger, and going there was always a treat. It doesn't seem like much has changed with the decor, a cartoon room, a creepy Victorian area, a long hallway that leads into the restaurant, and a case of antique porcelain dolls that have always made me feel slightly oogy, but it's different now, and pretty disappointing.

I've baked. Yep, that's right, all this, AND I'm a baker??? Pshaw! I needed an excuse to wear this uber-cute apron mayne!

I've learned that my fear of driving on unfamiliar highways is a thing in the past. I remember when we first moved to this area. I was coming from a limited driving past that only involved short roads, and a loop that took 15 minutes to complete. My first time into this area I was pulled over and given a speeding ticket for going 15 miles/hr over the speed limit because I was so nervous about hitting rush hour. I have no idea how I was able to even to push the pedal when all I could remember was my foot shaking, and my heart racing. Once the move was complete, finding my way around Dallas and Fort Worth became second nature to me. Now I know where most of the major highways and interstate go, and Map Questing a new, unfamiliar destination is almost entertaining. It's kind of empowering actually.

So now, besides volunteering to be backstage police for our school play....

...hanging out with hottest new mommy in Tejas...

...and frequenting high school soccer games...

...I now find myself fighting with a two month old weenie dog for my Steve Madden ballet flats.

AKC registered, miniture piebald dachshund $250
Crate, food, snacks, toys and extras at Pet-Co $184
Insane Pet deposit $400

Waking up at 3 in the morning to a puppy dry humping the blanket your grandmother gave you?


That's me, my life, in a nutshell, lately.


DC said...

I love the new dog! :) I'm slooowlly finding my way back to the Blogosphere, but this redesign is taking my whole life! I have retag and make new descriptions for each and every category and page! Yikes!

Look forward to catching up!!

yessi said...

awww what a cute baby you got yourself! congrats!

and I am loving that apron. I've got to have one.

I have no photoblogging life right now, but I'm glad to see you back on =)

Jeff said...

I think I must have the same fear you had, but now... I have found the solution: GPS

It saves you from those nerve wrenching times. :)

I have found that things in my past that were supposedly "awesome" are now tacky. What the hell was I thinking back then?

Christina said...

wow - you've been busy, hehehe :). hopefully ashton will get to see his aunt lena very soon - again... but maybe she'll get to hold him!