Obscure Pic 1

So since I began an "In The Car" series I decided to go with a new series featuring rather random, pointless type photos. These photos may not have a story to go along with the image, because sometimes an image just speaks for itself.

This photo is one I took at a wedding a couple of years ago. I'm not Catholic, but there's something about Catholic churches and imagery that I am fascinated with. I went to a mass today in memory of my husband's late grandfather, and the church reminded me of the one in the photo.

Okay, so this image kind of has a story...but random nonetheless.

Happy early Ash Wednesday. Shout out to all my Catholic peeps.


Jeff said...

I'm not Catholic as well, but I can certainly appreciate a good picture. I love how you left the window as the only thing with color.

yessi said...

ooh I was going to point out the stained glass as well, nice job on the pic.