Summer break is here!

And that means plenty of time to sit by the pool, and read! I zipped through How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents and much to my surprise, wasn't that into it. It was a good read, but forced myself to finish the last couple of chapters. Border-line Personalities on the other hand, almost got finished in a couple of hours...I had to put it down so I'd have something to look forward to tomorrow!
Wow, this semi-summer-sabbatical is great...so much time...what else should I do??


Jeff said...

Oh the envy I have for you right now!!!!

I think If I had the kind of time you have, I'd probably get a canvas and start painting. I think it would be easy to get inspired on a hot summer day.

yessi said...

I'm having trouble getting through the Garcia Girls too... I've been working on it for like 3 weeks and am only halfway through.

Veeery cool picture, you're makin everyone jealous!