Yeah, so my life has been so full of drama lately, and I'm sure you've noticed. Besides what you know, I'm sure the the last blog didn't help. Honestly, I hate that my life has been so overcome with stupid crap that only brings me down. I can't find the time to enjoy the things I love, including blogging. Much of that is also attributed to work getting busier and more hectic, and, of course, the holidays. Things are looking up for my family somewhat...friends on the other hand, well there's a lot to be accomplished, I think the issues only feel more intense when I don't blog because writing is a great outlet for me. There have been so many times I just want to drop everything and blog, but haven't had the opportunity, so here's a bit of what you missed:

1. I'm so behind on my Christmas shopping, but I've found a way to make personal attacks at people with clever gifts with inconspicuous messages.

2. I've learned what friends are in it for the long haul...and which ones are fair-weathered.

3. My kids continue to amaze me. We just finished our first critique on the portraits they drew, and they were incredible.

4. I overheard a student tell another student, "You can't hate Santa! That's really Jesus!"

5. Another said his parents couldn't participate in a parent/teacher conference because they'll never leave the house because they're illegal immigrants (they're not, he just didn't want to get in trouble)

6. The same kid also approached the diagnostician and said he needed to be tested for a disorder. When asked what disorder he thought he had, he replied "lying."

7. My personal bar at home doubled.

8. Tequila is the devil. I never drink the stuff, and never will.

9. In the past couple of days I've acquired a teddy bear that farts via remote control, and a stuffed cursing parrot.

10. I had to counsel a teen that witnessed her parents doing the deed. Yikes.

11. I danced to the Soulja Boy.

12. I've learned to live day by day, minute by minute. No hopes or expectations, just living.

13. My husband had a moment this weekend and I was able to witness it. He was there for someone when they were down, and helped them out of a dark hole.

14. I've never been more attracted to my husband.


yessi said...

Do you think it's possible that the farting teddy bear and cursing parrot were clever gifts with inconspicuous messages aimed at you?! lol!!! just kidding.

I'm glad things are looking up for you. I am so done with every Christmas preparation and have one foot in Texas already! I hope you have an awesome one.

Christina said...

Hola chica! Just wanted to thank you for the call the other day :). I hope that Christmas isn't a total bummer this year. Hope to see you sometime soon!